Hello! Welcome to the Discourse Unplugged website.

What is Discourse Unplugged? It is a group open to anyone interested in the world of discourse analysis. It is an opportunity for researchers from a multitude of backgrounds to meet, converse and practice our analytical skills.

In the very first meeting, back on October 15th 2014, we thought a blog may be a good idea to share our thoughts, writing, agreements and disagreements in our monthly meetings.

The general structure is set around the selection of a short text circulated prior to the meetings, followed by discussion, together deconstructing, analysing and interpreting the text. We follow UoM-SEED policy of not sharing any confidential or sensitive material on our website without prior agreement.

We have held meetings online, following University’s guidance and restrictions. However, they are  open for all institutions and disciplines. Please check this blog for updates!

This blog is administered by Luan Cassal, a first-year PhD student at Manchester Institute of Education – The University of Manchester.

Here is to seeing and talking to each of you online and offline. Cheers!

Contact: discourse.unplugged@gmail.com
Twitter: @discourseunplu1